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"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

~ Jacques Cousteau

~ actor

~ environmentalist

~ photographer


In September 2011, the WSL made a stop in

Long Beach for the Quiksilver Pro New York.


I grabbed my camera and headed out on the LIRR

to capture some of my most favorite pictures.  


This launched my ongoing series of surfers, 

surfboards, and surf breaks. 



In 2007, I watched the movie that changed my life ~ An Inconvenient Truth. On a mission to do my part to save the planet, I created a humor blog ~ The Green, The Bad and The Ugly ~ where I called out the ridiculousness of vegetables wrapped in styrofoam and plastic and talked about the cigarette butts, plastic bags and unmentionables we leave behind on beaches.   

In 2012, I was invited by the Climate Reality Project to work with Al Gore and become an official Climate Presenter ~ a chosen group of passionate environmentalists who are trained to give the same slide show in An Inconvenient Truth to audiences all over the world. 


Notable Moments

~ trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts

and UCB in New York City 


~ appeared in the LA Shorts, Big Apple and 

Garden State Film Festivals


~ made big screen debut in 

First Kid with Sinbad 


~ sketched it up with Jim Norton on Comedy Central's 

Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn


~ connected with Colin Quinn in the

Writer's Guild Awards Her sketch

~ former Studio Guide from the world-famous

Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood


~ can be heard on The Final Edition Radio Hour 

reporting the news as Lara Logan

Memorable Moments

~ dropping through a hole on

Game Show Network's Russian Roulette


~ dancing in The Washington Ballet's

The Nutcracker with Chelsea Clinton


~ singing Paradise by the Dashboard Light 

with Meatloaf at The Beacon Theater

~ co-starring with Ed Asner, Bernie Kopel

and Steve Landesberg in 

Harrison Bergeron ~ written and directed

by Emmy award-winning writer, Stan Daniels,

the former head writer for the Mary Tyler Moore Show and co-creator of Taxi



Go Fish!
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